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“Artists are the gatekeepers of truth”

Raised on Chicago’s south side, Zeph Farmby started writing graffiti as a teenager in the early 1990s. While attending Percy L. Julian High School, he took four years of advanced art classes; cramming in as much art exposure and education as he could. During his high school years, Zeph entered countless art competitions; always winning the top award. His passion was evident. Zeph started his freelance art career long before he knew it was his true calling. At 16, he was creating logos and murals for small local businesses and had picked up some independent studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. By the time high school was over, Zeph had a list of clients that would create envy in most entrepreneurs older than him.

During his studies at the American Academy of Art, Zeph enhanced his knowledge by deepening his understanding of art history and adding to his skill set with acrylic and oil paintings, graphic design, and Illustration. However, Zeph never turned his back on his original love for Hip-Hop and continued to practice his graffiti skills in more formal art environments. It was here that Zeph hoped he’d land in the field of his dreams-creating illustrations for mainstream magazines. Prior to graduating from The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Zeph was commissioned for large-scale projects for companies in the area. He would continue to create illustrations for local magazines and graphic designs for t-shirts and other promotional materials. This would become a new phenomenon for Zeph.

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Colored Me Bad | Zeph Farmby
Colored Me Bad | Zeph Farmby
Colored Me Bad | Zeph Farmby
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