Don’t read this as me be in my Studio bored on a Friday night. But these are ideas I had floating in my mind for awhile and I finally had the time to type them out. Over the past few months I’ve gotten request to help younger artist pursue their Art passion. To help contribute to my fellow artist I will begin to post “Secrets”, “Tips” and other helpful things I’ve done in the past to further my career as an Artist. These post are given from an active Artist who’s still learning what it takes to become a Great Artist. The information given in my post will be my own views and opinions to what can help and sometimes hinder us as creative minds. So here’s one for the road to any Artist kind Graphic Designer/Painter/Sculpturer :

#1. Build a very strong portfolio that you’re 150% proud of before showing it to anyone else. Your portfolio should be exciting in many ways showcasing your skills.