These pics are pretty interesting and I thought I’d share.

Home Sweet Home.

Killa Cam in the Chi (this store is down the street from my old house) at “C & K” on 121st & Michigan.

@ Ketchup in L.A. on Sunset Blvd.

Welcome to Flight School.

We’re out of here…

Good Morning L.A.

A Chicago Donk Rider.

Shouts to Lenny S!

Day 1 of the Ceaser Chavez Mural in Milwaukee, Wi w/ True Skool.

Tagging Shirts!

The view from my hotel room on Sunset Blvd.

This is a very different post for me. I’m taking an approach with my blog, I’ll be introducing guest bloggers soon.  The guest bloggers are friends of mine who’s views and opinion I value. I want everyone hear a different voice about the Art Culture through friends who are Artistic in other  Art forms Journalism, Music, Art Directors & graphic Designers. Feel free to leave your feedback giving me your thoughts.