Messmer High School hired me to design a permanent mural and assist Jennifer Klecker (Art teacher) with her painting classes in executing 4 panels. The project started over 10 weeks ago and I have a few photos to share. Each panel has a theme representing Messmer, we decided to showcase “Knowledge” “Faith” “Leadership” and “Arts”. As you look through the pictures you’ll notice students working along with all of us acting a lil goofy (Even Ms.Klecker). I’d like to say more about the project but I don’t want to bore you [seeing you’re probably reading this while you’re at work surfing the net]. Enjoy!

Painting students at work during class time.

Ms. Klecker and I pose in front of the panels with the painting students from 6th hour class.

We had to have some fun!

Ms.Klecker posing with the painting students of 7th hour class.

Do something crazy!!! *Looks like I was about to get punched*

All four panels before being revealed for Fine Arts Night.

Check out Jennifer Kleckers B-girl stance! lol